Friday, August 8, 2008

A Milestone for L&M Piano

It's been about eight months since we released Learn & Master Piano, and we just received a thank-you letter from our first student (that we know of) to complete the entire course.

I love when our customers take the time to write us thank-you letters. We get them all the time for Learn & Master Guitar, and we've been getting them for Piano as well, but this is the first from a Learn & Master Piano graduate. The original is two pages long and it came to Will Barrow, our instructor, the old-fashioned way: through the mail. I've edited it down to the highlights:

Dear Will,
I have just completed Session 28 of your piano course! You have opened my eyes and ears to piano vistas I could not have imagined.

I am 70 years old. I took piano lessons as a child but stopped playing when I went to college. My fingers itched to play, but I had not touched a piano in over 50 years. What to do???

Then I discovered you. And chords, and progressions. What a window on the world of piano music you provide! Classical music has always given me pleasure, but with you, I heard and appreciated for the first time the great styles of popular music: Blues, Ragtime, Stride, Country, Boogie Woogie...

All aspects of the course were professional and first rate. The curriculum design was brilliant! The way you introduced a topic, and led me to perfect a skill was terrific.

Wow! With the base you have provided, I have a lifetime of enjoyment ahead of me (my mother was still alive at 101).

Thank you again. You have immeasurably enhanced my life. Keep playing and teaching!

Sincerely yours,
Jack Laschenski

I love those last two paragraphs. Congratulations to all who worked so hard on this course. You have made a difference in one man's life, and many others. And congratulations to you, Mr. Laschenski. May you enjoy many more years of making great music!


Brad Hill said...

WHOOO HOOO!!!! Did you initiate a Tony Robbins-esk, dance music assisted, arm pumping celebration??!??!

Nice work dude.

Gabriel Smith said...

Who needs dance music? HOO YEAH!!!